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HeadMouse® Mounting Options

Mounting Brackets

There are several types of mounting brackets. There are the back and front style brackets designed for universal application to laptops, desktop displays, tablets, and most Speech Generating Devices (SGD), and custom brackets for specific devices.

For Apple iPad we have several bespoke mounts and more under development. We have mounts that slip over the bare iPad enclosure and are held in place using magnets. Others are designed for specific third party cases. These mounts are held in place with a combination of friction and a flexible clamp. In both cases the HeadMouse Nano slides into the mount and is held with snaps.

The back style bracket is secured to the display using two adjustable and rubber tipped legs that clamp the aluminum bracket to the display. Place the bracket plate behind the display with the rubber tipped legs in front on the bezel. Then squeeze the legs against the bracket and tighten the two thumb screws. Squeeze enough to firmly hold the bracket in place, but not enough to damage your display.

Laptop Mounting Bracket.

The HeadMouse rests on rubber pads and securely attaches to the bracket using Dual Lock. The rubber tipped legs and thumbscrew are clearly visible. To accomodate a variety of display thicknesses the bracket comes with a set of longer legs.

Side view of a HeadMouse Extreme and mounting bracket on a notebook computer.

The front legs can be rotated for thinner bezels so as not to obstruct the display

Front view of back style mounting bracket.

There is a second style of universal bracket that positiones the Headmouse on the front of the display. It uses rotating arms with thumb nuts and rubber fingers to accomodate different display thicknesses. It has a padded front tab that slides over the front of the display. The arms are rotated against the back of the display and capture the display between the tab and rubber fingers. Squeeze the rubber fingers against the tab and tighten the thumb nuts. Squeeze enough to firmly hold the bracket in place, but not enough to damage your display. The HeadMouse attaches to the front of the tab using Dual Lock.

Front view of back style mounting bracket.

Notice the arms are rotated toward the center of the bracket in the photographs, but they can also be rotated out.

Rear view of front style mounting bracket.

In addition to computers the universal brackets can also accomodate tablets.

8-inch tablet running Windows 10.

Special 3D printed mounts are available for iPad. This one mounts directly to an 11-inch iPad Pro. It slips over the long edge and is secured by magnets built into the iPad.

iPad Pro with HeadMouse Nano and 3D printed mount

Here is an iPad in a Unicorn Beetle Supcase with a clip-on 3D printed mount.

HeadMouse Nano with Ipad 7 in Unicorn Beetle Supcase

This video shows how to attach the HeadMouse Nano mount to the Unicorn Beetle case.

The HeadMouse Nano slides into the mount and is held by two clips. To remove the HeadMouse pull back the two clips with your fingers and push up on the bottom of the sensor bump with your thumbs. Do not touch the dark sensor window.

Picture illustrating how to release HeadMouse Nano clips and remove it from the 3D printed mount.

Speech Generating Devices

Even though one of the universal brackets can be used, custom brackets are available for selected Speech Generating Devices (SGD). These brackets are designed to match the contours and dimensions of each device. If your device is not mentioned below please call for more information.

Tobii DynaVox

Tobii i12 with mounted HeadMouse Nano

For the Tobii i12 and i15 the HeadMouse Nano is small enough to just attach directly to the bezel, as shown above.

Tobii-DynaVox, T10/T15 HeadMouse Nano mount

This same bracket attaches to both the T10 or T15 using two screws on the rear mount plate. HeadMouse Nano then looks over the back of the T10/T15. It has a stiff hinge to adjust and maintain the perfect HeadMouse angle. HeadMouse is easily removed from the mount for storage and for use on a computer or another device.

Flat Panel Display

HeadMouse Nano mounted on a flat panel display.

Displays with thin bezels use the universal bracket with extended legs. For displays with wider bezels Dual Lock can be affixed directly to the bezel.

HeadMouse Nano Dual Lock to a flat panel display

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