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Sanitary Sip-Puff Switch for Voting

AirVoter in Case

AirVoterâ„¢ is the leading sip-puff voting interface for individuals with motor disabilities and limited dexterity. The padded, head-referenced design affords dignity, comfort, and convenience. AirVoter's disposable mouthpiece includes an in-line aseptic filter to enable hygienic, worry-free voting by a succession of voters. AirVoter is packaged in a compact instrument case for storage and transport. In short, AirVoter is a simple and cost-effective access solution in support of HAVA compliance.

  • Compatible with accessible voting machines
  • Comfortable and adjustable headset
  • Includes two (2) sealed mouthpiece assemblies, each with gloves and instruction sheet
  • 6-foot air tube with quick-connects
  • Compact Sip-Puff switchbox with integrated "sip" and "puff" push-buttons for testing purposes
  • Single cable connection to voting machine
  • No AC plug and no batteries
  • Optional Swifty™ USB Switch Interface
  • Portable hard plastic case for safe transport and storage

Each disposable AirVoter mouthpiece is enclosed in a sealed package that includes a pair of latex-free gloves and an instruction sheet. The mouthpiece filter eliminates sanitary concerns on behalf of both the voter and the precinct worker while retaining sip-puff convenience, accuracy, and reliability.

The AirVoter mouthpiece installs in seconds using a snap-fit fastener to the padded headset. With simple sips or puffs on the mouthpiece in time with visible or headphone-audible cues, the voter obtains private and secure control of the voting experience. After a voter has completed a ballot, the mouthpiece is discarded and AirVoter is immediately available for the next voter.

Two images showing the mouthpiece being attached with Dual Lock to the headset.

The AirVoter Mouthpiece is connected by pneumatic tube to a small switch enclosure that converts sips and puffs into electrical signals. This enclosure then connects to the voting machine through a single stereo cable or an optional USB switch interface. AirVoter’s padded headset is easily adjusted to the voter's head by slipping over the ears and behind the neck.

Three views of a mounted AirVoter Headset.

For accessible voting machines that require a USB connection for switches, the optional Swifty™ USB interface provides a convenient bridge between AirVoter and the voting machine. Swifty is a USB dongle that accepts AirVoter's 3.5 mm stereo plug. The optional Swifty is powered by the USB port on the voting machine and does not require external power.

AirVoter's instrument case stores all components in a compact package. The case is similar to a small briefcase, complete with handle and snap closures. This packaging makes AirVoter the ideal companion for mobile voting machines and van-side voter needs.

AirVoter kit
AirVoter system: headset, disposable mouthpiece with filter, airtube, switchbox and 3.5mm cable.

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