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OrbyTM Switch

Button-style Adaptive Switch

Orby Switches

(Colors may vary from photograph)

Orby is a colorful button-style adaptive switch featuring a smooth contoured design that is 2.5-inches in diameter and less than one inch tall. It utilizes the industry standard 3.5-mm headphone jack attached to a 5-foot cable. A simple press anywhere on the top will provide a switch closure with pleasing audible and tactile feedback.

Orby is a perfect access switch for emulating alternative mouse buttons, for scanning Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) Devices, for accessing Environmental Control Systems, interacting with simple toys, or controlling any other device that can be navigated with one or more switches.

  • Colorful – Yellow, Green, Aqua, Red, Blue, White and Black
  • Auditory – satisfying click with each switch actuation
  • Smooth – switch mechanism is quiet and smooth
  • Durable – made of high-impact plastic
  • Sensitive – can be activated anywhere on the surface and requires only 3.5 ounces of pressure
  • Adaptable – threaded inserts on bottom for mounting and positioning
  • Stable – includes gripping, high-tack friction pad base to prevent sliding

Orby Switch

The Orby switch features integral dampers to reduce spurious sounds during actuation; while providing clear and audible feedback of the switch acutation event. Orby uses a tough industrial switch designed for high voltage, and current. (The industrial switch meets many approved standards from UL, CSA, VDE and TUV; however, Orby is not rated by these agencies and is NOT designed for switching high voltage and high current.)

How tough is Orby? Watch this short video.

The industrial switch mechanism is rated for 30-million operations at 60 operations per minute. Orby uses a cable designed for a high flex environment that employs a strong PVC jacket and high strand count wire for severe duty.

  • Diameter = 2.5-inches (64-mm)
  • Height = 0.872 (22-mm)
  • Weight = 2.75-ounces (80-grams) with cable and pad
  • Actuation Force = 3.5-ounces (100-grams)
  • Cord Length = 5-feet (1.5-m)
  • Connector Type = 1/8-inch (3.5-mm) right angle headphone jack
  • Threaded Inserts = #6-32, brass
  • Friction Pad = 0.0625-inches (1.6-mm) thick
  • Internal Dampers = high density urethane
  • Voltage = less than 32-volts
  • Current = less than 1-Amp
  • Conductors = rated for severe duty
  • RoHS* = compliant

(* – RoHS – Reduction of Hazardous Substances. The European Union has implemented a requirement that certain substances above specified levels not be used in electronic devices imported into European Union countries.)

Mounting Options

Bottom side of Orby switch with intergral threaded inserts.

Orby has two #6-32 threaded inserts molded into the base for situations that require fixed mounting. The inserts are separated by 1.1-inches (28-mm) and centered on the switch body. The included friction pad is held in place with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is shipped loose with Orby.

Orby Switch Includes:

  • Orby Switch – Yellow, Green, Aqua, Red, Blue, White or Black
  • Gripper friction pad
  • Instruction card
  • 2-year limited warranty
Red Orby Switch

Buy Orby Switch – Choose Yellow, Green, Aqua, Red, Blue, White or Black

Swifty and Orby Bundles

Swifty and Orby

There are two available Swifty/Orby Bundles – Single and Dual Switch. The Single Orby bundle combines one Orby Switch and the popular Swifty USB switch interface.

Add a second Orby switch, USB extender and a splitter for the Dual Swifty/Orby Bundle.

Swifty is an adaptive switch interface in an extremely compact package. It accepts industry standard 3.5 mm, stereo or mono plugs for directly connecting the Orby Switch to a Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer, including many AAC devices.

With one Orby, installation is clean and simple. Plug Orby into Swifty, and then plug Swifty into the USB port on your device. Swifty comes pre-set to send a left mouse click when the user presses any location on Orby’s surface. Change Swifty's mode switch to send a keyboard key or joystick button.

Swifty/Orby Bundle Includes:

  • Orby Switch
  • Swifty USB Switch Interface

Buy Swifty/Orby Bundle – Choose Yellow, Green, Aqua, Red, Blue, White or Black

Add the stereo to mono adapter and a second Orby for the dual Orby bundle. Installation is also simple; plug your Orbys into the adapter and your adapter into your Swifty. Swifty comes pre-set to send both left and right mouse clicks. Change Swifty's mode switch to send other key commands for two-switch access including Enter, Space, Joystick fire one and two, and Keyboard keys "1" and "2."

Swifty and Dual Orby Bundle Includes:

  • Two – Orby Switches
  • Swifty USB Switch Interface
  • Stereo to Mono Adapter
  • USB Extender Cable

Buy Swifty/Orby Bundle—Dual–Switch

Optional Stereo-to-Mono Adapter

Adapter cable

The Stereo-to-Mono Adapter is a useful accessory for Tapio, Swifty and HeadMouse Extreme users. The stereo-to-mono adapter allows two single switches with mono plugs to be connected to Tapio, Swifty or the HeadMouse Extreme. The adapter may also be used with third party switch adapted devices.

Buy Stereo-to-Mono Adapter

Not All Splitters are Alike

There are two kinds of audio "splitters" one breaks up a stereo signal into a mono left and mono right channel – the kind used for a switch interface. The other kind of "splitter" is used to share one stereo signal with two sets of headphones each with a left and right channel. You cannot tell which type you have by looking, it must be tested.

Here is a simple test. Plug your splitter into an audio source (e.g. iPhone) plug your stereo headphones into one of the splitter jacks, if you only hear one of the stereo channels you have the correct splitter for a switch interface.

If you hear both left and right audio channels you have the wrong splitter.

This document has a more in-depth explanation.

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