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Mounting Options for PageBotTM

Photos with Descriptions

PageBot is delivered with an adjustable mechanical mounting arm that is articulated in four degrees of freedom. The mounting arm includes an integrated adjustable clamp that supports hard-mounting to table tops, shelves, or cylindrical rods of up to 1.5-inches (38 mm diameter). PageBot incorporates a standard 1/4-20 threaded insert for use with the delivered universal mount, tripods or other special mounting hardware.

PageBot mount

A universal mounting arm is delivered with PageBot and attaches with an industry standard 1/4-20 tripod fastener. Therefore, many photographic mounting accessories can be also be used with PageBot.

PageBot mount The universal mounting arm is composed of two separate pieces, a ball and joint assembly and a clamp. The ball and joint assembly aligns with the clamp using an orientation pin that fixes it in one of eight 45-degree orientations.
PageBot mount The single axis joint can be locked in one of thirteen positions (15-degree increments) over a range of 180-degrees as shown in the illustration.

The ball and socket provides additional capability to fix the universal mount at almost any angle.

The clamp v-groove facilitates attaching the clamp to a cylindrical object.

PageBot mount Here the universal mounting arm is configured to use as a table top stand with PageBot for Kindle 2.
PageBot mount There are many possible ways to arrange the universal mount as a table top stand. There is no single "correct" arrangement. Rather, a proper arrangement is the one that meets your mounting requirement.
PageBot mount Here the universal mounting arm is used as a table top stand to position the PageBot for Kindle DX in a landscape orientation. To minimize the possibility of interference with the button actuators, position the buttons on top when reading in landscape orientation.
PageBot mount PageBot for Kindle DX is shown with an available USB battery pack for situations where AC mains power is not available. A battery pack can be attached to PageBot with hook and loop fasteners. There are many commercially available USB battery packs. Mounting will depend on the specific dimensions and connector locations.
PageBot mount The universal mounting arm can clamp to a table top, such as over-bed tables used in healthcare settings. The clamp can accommodate up to 1.5-inch thick table tops. Alternate clamps are available for situations that require a larger opening.
PageBot mount There are optional roll stands that can be used to position PageBot and optional accessories, such as the Origin Instruments Sip/Puff Switch. This stand can roll under beds and chairs. The mounting bar can be raised and lowered, and rotated to accommodate most situations.

A mobile reading station can accommodate multiple users by rolling to a new reader and changing the filtered mouthpiece. The disposable mouthpieces are simply changed by twisting off the old one and twisting on a replacement.

PageBot mount PageBot for Kindle DX is shown with an optional rolling stand and the Origin Instruments Sip/Puff Switch with Gooseneck.
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