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Software Downloads

For Microsoft Windows

For Windows Systems

Windows Applications:

Softype and Dragger initially operate in trial mode, after 30-days an activation code must be entered.

The Dragger and SofType installer may require an internet connection to download additional operating system components from a Microsoft server.

Dragger   Mouse Button Utility   [Download]  Windows 11 graphic

SofType  On-screen Keyboard   [Download]  Windows 11 graphic

( – Dragger and SofType are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and newer.)

You can find Help documents with additional information included in the software download.

Windows Utility Scripts:

We have a few utilities for Windows made with a keyboard macro program called AutoHotKey. The macros are also known as scripts. The utilities below make modest use of the power of AutoHotKey. Primarily we use these scripts to convert button events into different joystick, mouse button or keyboard events. However, AutoHotKey is very powerful and you may find it very useful for other assistive applications.


For large single monitors or two monitors it can be difficult to traverse one or both monitors with your HeadMouse. For some it can also be difficult to keep the pointer centered on a single monitor. We have a simple utility script that runs on Windows for centering the mouse pointer on a single monitor, or the left or right monitor in a two monitor setup. You can use keyboard commands or two adaptive switches to center on the left or right monitor. The utility is an AutoHotKey script called twoCenter.ahk. This Mouse Pointer Centering document explains how to use the script and includes the source version of the AutoHotKey script. You can install AutoHotKey and run the source(text) version of the script or use the simplier approach and download the complied version linked below. The compiled script is not signed and Windows may require you to verify it is a valid program.

twoCenter Utility [Download]  Windows 11 graphic


If you would like to convert a single switch event into a mouse double click we have a utility that uses AutoHotKey. This document doubleClick script explains how to use a AutoHotKey script to convert a single switch event into a mouse double click. The document describes using the utility with our Sip/Puff switch, but it will work with any two switches. For example, a sip will generate a left mouse click and a puff will generate a left double mouse click.


If you need another keyboard key from those provided natively by Swifty, Tapio or Breeze then use a keyboard macro program like AutoHotKey to translate a button event into whatever character or character sequence you need. For example, here is a translate keyboard macro, also known as a script that translates one button into the sequence <CTL>-C (copy to clipboard) and a second button into <CTL>-V (paste). However, you can make a Swifty, Tapio or Breeze button event do almost anything with AutoHotKey.

For Macintosh Systems

Apple Assistive Technology Apps:

Apple has incorporated mostly equivalent products within the MacOS operating system.

We have a startup guide for using Apple's built-in accessibility features with HeadMouse, and scanning with our switch interfaces and adaptive switches. There are numerous screen shots with explanations.

Follow this link to Apple's web site for information about macOS built-in Accessibility.

Assistiveware Legacy Products

If you're looking for KeyStrokes, SwitchXS, VisioVoice and Proloquo; with the release of MacOS High Sierra (10.13) Assistiveware has discontinued these products. Assisitveware titles that were distributed by Origin Instruments are 32-bit applications and as of MacOS 10.14 Apple no longer supports 32-bit apps.

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