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Adaptive Switches for PageBotTM

Options and Resource List

Adaptive switches are available that can be operated by almost any muscle that a particular user can conveniently and reliably use. These can include muscles of the fingers, hands, arms, feet, head, mouth, or tongue. Advanced styles of adaptive switches can include sip-and-puff, voice recognition, eye blink, eye-movement, and even brain waves. Adaptive switches employ a wide range of technologies and they are available in variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

For some users, selecting the best switch for use with PageBot can be challenging. Before deciding on a particular type of switch, consider that:

  • Switch actuation should be reliable, repeatable and comfortable for the user.
  • The mounting and positioning for PageBot can influence the choice of a switch. For example, the best switch for use in bed might be different than the best switch for use from a wheelchair.

Origin Instruments currently offers Sip/Puff switches and button switches, and both types work very well with PageBot. However, PageBot is intended to be used with just about any type of adaptive switch. PageBot includes two connectors that directly accept the community-standard plug for adaptive switches, which is a 3.5mm diameter microphone-style plug in mono and stereo versions.

A useful but far from complete list of adaptive switch suppliers and resellers is included below. Each listing is linked to an external website for the particular company.


AbleNet Inc.


Adaptive Switch Labs, Inc.


Broadened Horizons

Don Johnston, Inc.

Enabling Devices


Inclusive TLC


Pikosystems - A Comp-Aid Branch

Prentke Romich Company (PRC)

Quality Enabling Devices



Zygo Industries


Amazon Kindle

Amazon's Kindle is the leading ereader for electronic books. Kindle is available in several versions.

Complete information at Amazon.com


Assistive Technology Industry Association

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