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Assistive Technology Products

HeadMouse Extreme with cable

Head-Controlled Computer Access

HeadMouse® Extreme - is the industry leading solution for wireless head-pointing on personal computers, Macintosh systems, and Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices.

SofType on-screen keyboard

Computer Access, Speech and Low-Vision Software

Windows Software

  • SofType™ On-Screen Keyboard for Windows Vista through Windows 8.
  • Dragger™ On-Screen Mouse Click and Drag Emulation Utility for Windows Vista through Windows 8.

Mac OSX Software

  • KeyStrokes™ On-Screen Keyboard
  • SwitchXS™ Switch Scanning Access
  • Infovox iVox™ A set of high quality, system wide voices that can be used by any Mac OS X application that is voice enabled, such as VoiceOver.
  • Proloquo™ A multi-purpose AAC and text-to-speech application (Includes Infovox iVox)
ios device running p2go app.

Free demonstration versions of Windows and Mac OSX software are available at our downloads page. Please note, iOS Apps are only available from the Apple iTunes web store.

iOS Software — iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

  • Proloquo2Go™ A symbol or text based, speech generating App for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Girl with head mounted Sip and Puff switch.

Sip and Puff

  • Sip/Puff Product Line Flexible switch options and user interfaces. The Sip/Puff solutions are ideal for people who have limited or no motor capability enabling them to operate switch activated devices.
  • Multi-user Sip/Puff Switch - Perfect for establishments that will have many Sip/Puff Switch users like assessment centers, healthcare institutions, etc. Its special design accomodates many users while eliminating concerns over sanitation.

Swifty, a USB switch interface

USB Switch Interface

  • Swifty™ - is the industry leading USB switch interface that combines lightning speed, small size; and emulates mouse clicks, joystick buttons or keyboard functions. Swifty operates both in wired and wireless modes.


Wireless Switch Transmitter

  • Beam™ - Tired of wires? If so, check out Beam. Up to three switches can be connected to Beam enabling HeadMouse Extreme users to click and drag wirelessly. Beam can also team with Swifty allowing uers to remotely activate mouse clicks, joystick butttons and keyboard functions.

P2Go icon

Click here for more information about Proloquo2Go, Combo Packs and Accessories