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The DynaSight is a compact, self-contained sensor that measures the instantaneous three dimensional position of a passive target. The sensor uses embedded signal processing to automatically acquire and track the target in uncontrolled environments.

A central application involves tracking the human head for use with advanced interactive displays. To cue the sensor, an adhesive-backed disposable target, weighing less than ten milligrams, is placed on the stereo glasses. The wireless target does not obscure vision or interfere with activities.

People are conditioned by everyday experience to expect that head movements will result in changes to the visual perspective. Small changes in head position and orientation are often employed to provide spatial context and reveal obscured details. The dynamic perspective display is a technique for emulating this intuitive behavior on a computer graphics system. In such application, the perspective for displayed graphics is adapted in real-time to be geometrically appropriate for the instantaneous positions of the viewer's eyes.

When dynamic perspective is combined with stereoscopic viewing, the result is a real time hologram-like display that provides a virtual window into a computer generated environment. Dynamic perspective eliminates the perceived image warping associated with static stereoscopic displays. An additional benefit of using the head to tune the perspective is that the hands are free to edit or control the object being displayed.

In industrial and laboratory settings, the sensor can track factory containers or robot end effectors. Optional laser designation allows 3-D digitization to arbitrary points on non-cooperative objects. Calibration between multiple independent devices can be accomplished using a DynaSight to track the relative positions between targets mounted on these devices.

With the optional Active Target Adapter, the sensor can perform interleaved 3-D tracking for up to four tethered targets. This provides multi-target and six-degree-of-freedom (6 DOF) measurement capabilities for special applications and helmet tracking.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Update Rate:

Operating Range:

Measurement Resolution:

Absolute Accuracy:

Electrical Interface:

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*Measurement parameters are RMS values and are quoted for 7 mm target at 80 cm range under normal fluorescent room lights. Values will vary with operating range and target diameter, and to some extent with ambient illumination and target position in the field of regard. Measurement resolutions of 0.05 mm in three axes are achieved at 40 cm range, and resolution is significantly reduced at range extremes.

Three-dimensional measurements are reported in a Cartesian coordinate system with origin at the DynaSight sensor. The DynaSight sensor can be adapted to a wide variety of video display monitors. Threaded inserts are provided on the base of the sensor so that mounting accessories can be developed for unusual installations.

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